Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. For one day we got to forget about cancer, hospitals, and chemo and head down I-81 for a basketball tournament for Kyle. Kyle is on an AAU basketball team and we recently got new uniforms. The team purchased David his own uniform and on the back instead of his name, it says Rockstar!!! I love it and here is the team presenting his uniform to him. He loved it of course:)
Here are all three of my boys with the Hornet AAU basketball team! Coach Daddy, David, and Kyle with their friends. This is such a great group of boys and we love them and their families. When you travel with other families for sports you get to know them very well and they are really your extended family.
I love this picture of Hope and Macy sitting in the bleachers playing DS. These two girls are hilarious together. Our team has lots of little girls that have older brothers on the team so Miss Priss has lots of girls to play with.
Here is sweet Devin, David, and Kyle before the first game. Devin has a heart of gold:)
Here is my boy warming up... he truly loves hoops.

Coach Daddy firing up the boys before the game started.

Here is Hope with Sydney and Macy. Not only are these girls Hornet cheerleaders for their brothers, but they are also two of my preschoolers. I love these little girls so much:) Here is my boy shooting a foul shot in the last championship game! We won the entire tournament for our fourth grade division. It was so exciting and Kyle really had fun.
Here is Kyle going up for a rebound. Defense is what my boy loves so much and he does not mind getting in there and mixing it up:) We used to have to encourage him to be aggressive, but not anymore:) Ha!
Here is the fourth grade team with their trophies after the tournament ended. It was an exciting day to be a Hornet spectator and cheer our boys on to victory.

David had such fun yesterday and it was a wonderful distraction to what we are facing. It was nice to be with our Hornet family for the day. In between games we even got to do a little shopping for the week ahead and sit down and have a nice lunch with friends. It was really a great day just to be cheerleader Mom instead of nurse Momma and spend a day cheering on my oldest doing something he loves to do.

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  1. Love the pictures! So enjoyed spending time with you guys and cheering on the Hornets!! You all will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go back to Charlottesville this week. If you need anything just let me know!!! David is the biggest and best "ROCKSTAR"!!!