Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Update

Today our Rock Star has felt pretty punky. His radiation went very smoothly and Mommy did okay giving our first shot. He was actually awake when I did it, just groggy after his radiation. I was blessed in that the radiation nurse was with me and he coached me through it. God bless all you medical folk-it is certainly a calling from God. I will do what needs to be done for Rock Star, but I will be as thrilled as he will be when we are done. Pray that his white blood cell count returns to normal QUICKLY so we can stop these shots:) My hands were shaking so badly:)

After radiation, Mike had to head to Richmond for a press conference for his job. Basically all the superintendents come together to present their ideas for the state budget. To get out on this warm, sunny day we rode with him. While he was in his meeting I decided to take DAvid to the Children's Museum of Richmond to play for a few minutes. Great idea, but frankly he was too wiped out to play. It really hurt my heart to see all these other kids running and playing and my bald, skinny child did not have the energy to climb to the top of the tree house to slide. I just had a little pity party moment.

I know I have mentioned this before, but David is obsessed with David Crowder and wants to watch his videos all the time. Today in the car, we looked back and saw David singing his heart out with Itunes and had his hands up praising God. He had just thrown up on the side of the interstate and just five minutes later, he was praising our God. How can I have a pity party about our circumstances when my brave Rock Star continues to sing praises to our God?

He has endured so much in these two short months, and he always has a smile on his face and a praise on his lips. He is amazing and we are so proud to be his parents. God has big plans for this Rock Star!! He has slept most of the afternoon today and he is really lacking energy and appetite today. Considering all the radiation, chemo, and early morning radiaiton appointments we have had it is no wonder.

We are counting down the days until we return home. We received a very special gift in the mail today which will help us stay better connected. We are blown away by your generosity:)

Thank you dear friends for your calls, texts, emails, love and most importantly prayers. Three treatments to go until we get to head down Interstate 81 to our other babies:)

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  1. I'm a fellow Smyth Countian and am praying for David and your family. During my Bible Study (a Beth Moore btw) we read Isaiah 40:29-31. You were on my heart immediately so I had to share with you. Keep it close, with others that give you strength! May God's peace be with you and hurry home!! :)