Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Day In Pictures:)

David has definitely turned the corner on this nasty bacterial infection. He is still weak and sick, but the fever is down and the diarrha has stopped. He has taken a few sips of Gatorade and has eaten a few bites of oatmeal. The doctor has ordered some nutrition to be given to him through his port, which is okay with us.

Today he was finally able to sit up and interact, so we took him on a wagon ride to see Haley.

I love this Daddy/son picture:) We is really too weak to walk on his own, but he was thrilled to get out in the wagon. He has complained a lot about back pain today, and one of his medicines has caused rectal itching, so he has been a little uncomfortable at times today.

He was able to stand up for a few minutes and shoot basketball but that wiped him out:) It is so good to see him out of his room!

After Haley finished preschool she and David played ball in the floor. Both are connecred to lines and it is hard to keep their lines from getting tangled! Ha!

They both got pretty tired so Mike and I loaded them up in the wagon for a ride around the floor:) Their lines got tangled but we had such fun.

Today has been a much better day for David, so of course it has been a better day for us. He is on schedule for radiation and chemo tomorrow, so we just pray that his body is strong enough for a double whammy tomorrow. I am glad he is getting radiation because tomorrow his port needs to be changed and I am glad they can do it while he is under sedation. It has to be changed weekly.

Thank you dear friends for the love:) We feel it here in on 7 Central:)


  1. Glad he feels better, but concerned about tomorrow and the Chemo again. So, is it safe now for him to be around others and not get sick with his system already down now? Just wondering because other sick kids are there too. Is he going to be this sick with each Chemo treatment? He looks so tired and so sweet. GOD BLESS David!

  2. The doctors say that thankfully his white blood count is returning to normal thanks to the daily GCSF shots he has been getting. He is also on 2 antibiotics which protects him some. He will be taken to the cancer center for radiation. Thankfully also this week is a "light" chemo week.

  3. Thank God it will be a light chemo this week. I just hate the Chemo makes his so sick. God Love His Little Heart. Sorry, I didn't mean to bother with questions. You have enough on your plate. Just know we love and pray for you all daily. I can't wait to hear that he is Cancer Free! We all want him better soon!I don't know you,but my heart is with you all. Marion -LORA