Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning friends and family from 7 Central. We just met with the Oncologist and wanted to give everyone an update. First, thanks for the prayers for D-Rob (one of his many nicknames). He is starting to turn the corner. He is more alert, talkative and insistent :-) He was not as sick last night and seems to be responding to the antibiotics. He was restless and is not comfortable so he is a little grumpy. We are starting to get used to sleeping with one eye open because he is fairly needy with everything right now. He complained of his back hurting last night and everyone feels that is related to being in bed so much and not really having gotten up and moved in 3 days. He has been in isolation with many super precautions being taken by everyone to keep him from getting sicker. Hopefully today he can at least leave his room for a few minutes. It would do his spirit some good to be able to see his buddy Haley.

Here are some things we know:

He has a gram positive blood infection.

His white blood cell count is still very low

His fever has been much lower

He is still not eating or drinking

They are going to give him some nourishment through his port

He is on two different drip antibiotics

They plan to give him his last radiation in the morning

He will get Vinchristine chemo on Thursday as well

He participated in school this morning when the teacher came to his room to work with him

Laura and I are both so thankful for the incredible care he has been given here. Many different folks have worked with him over the last two and a half months and they are all so good to him. He is in great hands and this is an amazing hospital.

Thank you for your continued prayers for D-Rob

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