Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Day in Pics :)

Today has been an emotional day for me, and Rock Star has not felt that well today. We are seeing some improvement in him, but when you have a bacterial infection in your blood you feel pretty yucky.

We had a bright spot today when David got to open a few presents from his Tom and Mary Beth Graham present stash :) They wrapped lots of presents for David so he gets to open one a day while he is in the hospital. We played catch up today because he felt too punky yesterday to open one:).
When he has been awake today, he has watched Netflix movies in his bed on the iPad.
But he would often fall asleep before the movie got through. Bless his heart:) The teacher did come by and read to him bedside today since he was too sick to go to the classroom.
Poor Pops was such a trooper and was up with David last night when he was so sick. He thankfully took a little nap before heading home.
Our poor pale baby. He has been such a sick boy the last few days. We were told today that we would be here another 7-10 days inpatient for him to get over this nastiness. Bacterial infections in your blood are dangerous and super scary. Sadly this can happen more while he is on chemo. His white blood cell counts are purposely bottomed out with the chemo, so he has nothing to fight infections.
Sarah Martin sent out this quote today to our women's church circle and I loved it so much that I put it on our dry erase board. I sometimes put bible verses on our dry erase boards to keep our focus on Jesus. This has been such a hard day for me emotionally knowing that we will be here another week at least and then right after that we are scheduled for another 5 day tough chemo regimen that got him sick to begin with. Sigh.
I love this sweet picture of my Dave and Pops. We try to cuddle him in the chair to give his body a break from laying in the bed. Hospital beds are not always super comfy, and he has been so achy today that we have held him close and snuggled.

Mike is here now with us:) We are so appreciative of all the emails, texts, calls, facebook messages, love, and prayers. We feel the love tonight. We also know that our Jesus is here with us whispering words of encouragement to us. Good night from 7 Central:)


  1. Jamie and Joshua PikeJanuary 24, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    Dear Robinson family, I am so sad to hear that David is not feeling well. But, I know your amazing faith and OUR MIGHTY GOD, will get everyone through it!!! Please know that we are praying, praying, praying, and even more praying that his fever breaks, the sores heal quickly, that his appetite returns, and he gets his "spunk" back real soon!!! Joshua is still missing David!!! We OWE him a cupcake when he returns (and is up to it) since he had to miss Joshua's little birthday celebration!!! ONE CUPCAKE FOR DAVID!!!!! (OR MORE IF HE CAN HANDLE IT!!!)

    Please know you are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers as you are away from home, and going through this nightmare. Always remember that your strength is amazing, and that YOUR FATHER IS ALWAYS WATCHING OVER YOU AND WRAPPING YOU IN HIS ARMS!!!! Much love and prayers, Jamie and Joshua

  2. I have not heard of children with Down syndrome getting liver cancer. Is it common for them? I am very, in fact, too familiar with leukemia. I will be praying for sweet David and your family. Kristen also got the nick name "Rockstar"