Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend on 7 Central

We have had a fun weekend here in 7 Central. Here is a sweet picture of Dave and Miss Haley. They had such fun playing in the hall together until our oncologist came to tell us that DAvid has to remain in our room for our entire stay:(

Don't you love her cowboy boots with her pj's?! Neither one wanted to get dressed, so they had a pj party in the hall. Sadly; however, DAvid is on room restriction. There is major construction going on in the hospital and this week they are cleaning the ducts in the hospital and he has to stay in our room with the hepa filters for his health. That is sad for David because he is so social. Mike texted me this morning that DAvid and Haley were waving at each other through the windows:)

Here is a cute picture before the room restriction. It makes me sad but there are lots of sick kids here on the floor. THis is the fullest I have ever seen this floor.

Here is one of his chemo drugs. The two he is on now are slow drips through his port. He will have chemo today and tomorrow and then thankfully he is done with this cycle. Please pray his appetite returns:)

We had lots of fun visitors yesterday and here is David with Matt. Matt is Ashley's boyfriend and we were so thankful that he and AShley were willing to bring us Kyle and Hope yesterday. I had a fun sleepover in the condo with Kyle and Hope last night:)

Cathy and Stacey Timmons came for a visit and she was patient enough to play with them:)

We were excited to see Mrs. Kathryn the music therapist:) We had lots of hard requests for her and she is such a good sport. She brings the music for Big Green Tractor each time:) When David saw her he willingly put down the Ipad to sing with her. We all got instruments to play along.

Mike and sweet Hope. She is so cute with David. She is really into all this medical stuff and she says "Dave u need to fwush your wine?" It is so cute that she knows that he needs to have his line flushed and she always ask him about his chemo. We think she might be a nurse or doctor one day. Or maybe a CEO because she is pretty bossy! Ha!

My sweet boys snuggling in the bed. David gets very sleepy a couple of hours after chemo and likes to snuggle.

We took Hope and Kyle out to dinner last night at Baja Bean (yummy!) while Matt, Jason, and AShley watched David. We have not been able to get him to eat anything but they managed to get him to eat several things while they were in charge. When I downloaded my pictures this morning I found lots that they had taken while we were gone. I love to have surprises on my camera!

Ashley and the men in her life:) I love it!! David loved seeing all his friends yesterday and was in heaven with all their love and attention. We were so thankful to see them and have a family weekend here on 7 Central!

Mike is heading home today with Kyle and Hope. He has a meeting at work tomorrow so I will stay here with Rock Star. He will have chemo today and chemo and radiation tomorrow. As we finish this cycle we ask for your prayers that DAvid will eat! Please! Also please pray that his five radiation treatments this week will go by quickly so that we can get home this Friday. Home and Jesus are my two favorite words right now.

Today I look forward to a quiet, snuggly day doing some reading and bible study. We just learned that we have to return in three weeks for another 5 day inpatient stay for the next five day chemo cycle. Sigh. We also learned that today the nurses are going to come teach us how to give the GCSF shots. Sigh. I am turning this over to the Lord because those two things could stress me out. He will need daily shots for 10-14 days until he white blood cell counts return to normal. Mike and I are not medical people at all, but we will learn and do it for our Rock Star. Thank you prayer warriors for the love:)

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