Monday, January 16, 2012

O Praise Him!!

David is truly obsessed with David Crowder. We have listened to his music all day today, and he is obsessed with seeing pictures of Jesus. There is a video on YouTube from the Passion of the Christ movie that David loves. We love that our boy loves his Jesus as much as we do. I have missed my other babies so much, but I have so enjoyed my Dave snuggle time.

The exciting news is that I am writing tonight from Camp Pendleton!!! David had such a great day eating so well and drinking so well that after his chemo today they deemed him ready to be an outpatient!!! I take that as a compliment that they know we will push fluids and calories on him, so we are thrilled! He has eaten well today considering he has had both radiation and two chemo drugs. We had some excitement today because we were evacuated during his chemo treatment due to smoke! That was surely a dramatic way to get to leave our room! Ha!

So for the next four days we will remain here in Charlottesville at Camp Pendleton while he has daily radiation at the cancer center each morning at 7:30. Friday we will have to return to the clinic for his weekly Vinchristine chemo treatment and then we will be able to head home!!!! This is week 8 of 25 of his treatments. We just learned that during weeks 10,19, and 25 we will have to return for a 5 day inpatient trip for this regimen again. So it appears that February 2nd we will have to return for another five day inpatient stay. Sigh.

Tomorrow is day one of nurse momma administering his GCSF shots. The next four days I am going to cheat a little and administer them while he is sedated for radiation. I will take all the breaks I can get and we are using thiis sedation for lots of good reasons. Tomorrow while he is still groggy in recovery we will give his mouth a good swipe with his mouth wash to ward off mouth sores from chemo and I willing ve him his first shot. I put the bible verse "I can do all these things through Christ who gives me strength " on our dry erase board in our room to remind me that we can do all these things with Christ by our side.

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  1. Am praying for you, Laura, and that the shot to go smoothly today (Tuesday) as Nurse mommy puts on a new hat and assumes another responsibility...shots. You are an amazing woman and your blog is such an encouragement to so many. God is definitely using this "David and Goliath" story to reach out to others. What a privilege to see how God continues to show up and reveal His hand working in your lives, and that He is with you wherever you the hospital, to your home, even in the car going down the road. I know you know this verse, but it's a favorite of mine (from when my son was in the hospital) and so applicable. Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.". Kelly's cousin Karin