Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simulation Done

Today we went back to the Emily Couric Center for radiation simulation. Basically they sedated him to mark him (with a blue sharpie) for the next seven days of treatment. It was not traumatic for him, but he did get sick when he woke up from the sedation. It was pitiful watching him hurl as groggy as he was:(

So the plan is for us to return to the cancer center tomorrow bright and early at 7:30 for his first treatment. His port is already accessed, so they will just give him some Michael Jackson drug in his port and let him drift off to sleep. When he wakes up we will go to oncology clinic to be admitted to the hospital. He will receive his first chemo dose tomorrow. Today they took his pre-chemo blood work and I just got the call that his blood work is good enough for chemo:)

Okay here is a funny story. God must have known that I needed a good laugh today at my own expense. This morning I was walking through the lobby of the Doubletree to pull the car up under the porch/veranda and warm it up. As I was walking gracefully through this beautiful lobby my foot got stuck on a piece of carpet that was sticking up. I twisted my ankle and then in a slow motion kind of way, I staggered across the lobby trying to regain my balance only to slam full force into the glass doors of the hotel. Seriously, do not give me credit for this being a dainty fall. It was not.

I literally staggered across the lobby in slow motion with arms flailing trying to regain my balance and composure only to be stopped by these automatic glass doors with a thud. Of course the lobby was crowded because a business seminar was about to start in one of the conference rooms. Sigh. I am fine but we have all gotten a good laugh this morning. The manager was wheeling out a wheel chair and yelling for someone to call 911 before I could stop him! Ha! He thought my tears were tears of pain, but I was hee hawing at myself! Thank you Lord for reminding me not to take myself too seriously:)

So David is resting now watching a Netflix movie on the Ipad and I am nursing my sore ankle and my pride:) Good afternoon from Camp Doubletree!

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  1. Laura, we don't know each other, but I grew up in Marion. I now live in Charlotte and work for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. As you might expect, we have lots of prayer warriors here, so I have shared your story on our prayer board here at work. I shared it back in November when I first heard about David, and shared it again today. Your perspective and your faith is inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story...all of it - the highs and lows, the mess and the beauty. And even the humor. :)

    I've heard this song a few times in the last day and each time, I think of your family. God is our ultimate Healer. Love and prayers to you and your precious family.
    I believe You're my Healer
    I believe You are all I need
    I believe You're my Portion
    I believe You're more than enough for me
    Jesus, You're all I need