Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our boy

We are worn out tonight. Poor Rock Star is feeling the nasty side effects of vomiting and diarrhea tonight. The problem is that He is so weak that he does not have the energy to sit up to throw up. He is tired of us cleaning him up and messing with him, but he has to be cleaned thoroughly after each pee or diarrhea because the chemo is coming out and it could burn his skin. It has been a long hard night here in 7 central, but thankfully Pops is here with me. Mike is bringing up the other cuties tomorrow and I cannot wait!!! This week has been so hard and emotional and the week has caught up with me tonight.

Cancer is hard enough, but this tough chemo regimen is brutal. His body is so weak and fragile that he is struggling tonight. We know that we must get through this and that we will never be alone. God knows how weary we are and He is also aware that Davids little body is worn out. I am sure he will also forgive me that I lost my cool tonight cleaning diarrhea up for the hundredth time. I just keep remembering

For I know that plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

God truly has a plan and we are trusting tonight in his plan. This tough chemo regimen is just part of a bigger plan. Instead of whining about how hard this is, we are simply chalking it up to part of the plan. We are so thankful to the Lord who protected David from harm this week, and we are begging Him tonight to strengthen his skinny, tired body. Thank you for the prayers that got us through this long day. hopefully good night from 7 Central!


  1. Lord God Bless this sweet mother as she tries so hard and has done an excellent job with all she is enduring with this battle. Chemo is so tough on the body. It drains the body. God I pray for strength for David to bounce back soon and feel better fast. I cry for you as I read this.God help you and just try to keep your eye on Jesus and his words over and over!!

  2. Ask if they can give him something to stop the vomiting? I believe they can but I am not a doctor. But his case may be different. From past experience there is some meds for that.