Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Quiet Day

Guest blogger is back. Laura and David both fell asleep very early tonight and I signed on and saw that Laura had not had a chance to update folks on David. David is feeling pretty good but seems to be very needy and a little whiny. He did eat some today but still not enough. The thought of eating sounds good to him and he asks for certain foods but often after a bite or two he is done.

Laura is being a great nurse and has done a really good job with hooking him to his meds and cleaning his line/port. After our first experience last week with heparinizing his line and it did not go so well, she is so much more confident.

My mom is going to be able to come down for a few days starting next week and help out. She is excited about coming and spending some time with the kids and helping where she can. Laura's parents have been amazingly helpful. GG has stayed at our house as much as at her own over the last month and we are so appreciative of her help with the kids and the house. Pops has been going up and helping Laura when I am in Marion working and attending to things here. We are so appreciative of all the help from family and friends. I have learned a great personal lesson over the last three months to be more accepting of help. I was raised to be super independent which has served me well in life but God has stepped in and used this tragedy to teach me so much.

As we all walk our personal journeys in life please remember to spend a few extra minutes listening to a friend, loving on your family, and focusing on our God and His desire to have a personal relationship with each of us. Many blessings are wished to you and your family by the Robinsons. When Laura wakes up she has some really cute pictures to share from their day at home. We were blessed with lots of good food today from friends and we are well stocked with amazing food for the rest of the week. Good night from Camp Robinson.


  1. Dr. Robinson,
    I so appreciate your message, as it speaks to me in the journey I have had since August. It is so sad that the trite expression, "No pain, no gain," does hold some reality. I had never thought that God gave us tragedy in life, but having truly dealt with it recently, I do believe our tragedies connect us to him and his awesomeness. I send my love and prayers. How fortunate your 3 children are to have you and Laura. Again, I identify with your message and am blessed by it. Hugs to all of you! mary lynn hammer

  2. I am so glad that "guest blogger" sent a message. When I don't see a daily update, I get anxious and worry that David might not be doing so good. I just say extra prayers and wait for some news. "Guest Blogger" you are so right about accepting help from others. That was hard for me when I was going through something similar with my family. I tell everyone that I also gained lots of patience, while waiting in Dr. offices and hospitals. Your entire family is my hero. May God be with you all on the trip tomorrow. Love and prayers to each of you.