Monday, January 9, 2012


Yikes! I received a phone call today from UVA saying that we need to be at the Emily Couric cancer center Wednesday morning for the simulation for David's radiation. That means that we have to leave Tuesday night instead of WEdnesday night which is throwing me for a loop. Because of a budget meeting, Mike will stay here until Wednesday night and Pops will go down with me and David. I just got the call today-whew!

Here is a cute picture of a playdate picnic from the weekend. Kelsey and Morgan came up to play and my little ones had such fun. Kyle went to play with Tanner and it was a fun kid swap afternoon!

David is loving easy mac and cheese right now, so here is the gang having a picnic on our bed. Whatever it takes to get him to eat!!

Because of the Ipad we can now facetime with friends. Face time is amazing because it lets you talk live from one ipod/ipad to another. Now that we have facetime, we can talk when we are away at the hospital with Kyle and Hope here. The Williams family is gracious enough to let Kyle borrow their Ipad so we can face time each night so I can see and hear my children live:)

Isn't this picture hilarious!! If you look on the Ipad, you can see my three in that little rectangle in the top corner and then in the bigger screen you can see Elena and Addyson:) Technology is truly amazing that allows our kids to talk with their friends without a phone across town:) They love it!

This morning we used the Ipad to bribe David to eat:) Kyle took a video of him taking each bite as an encouragement to get him to take more bites:)

My handsome boys all decked out and ready for a rainy Monday. I love this angry birds hat that David got from the Dimits! He wore it proudly today to school:)

After a busy basketball weekend and a frantic packing session my girl crashed on the couch this afternoon:) Bless her heart....I will miss this sweet face while I am gone.

It appears from being on the phone with the oncology clinic that we will check in as inpatients Thursday morning and be there until Friday the 20th if everything goes well. David will have daily chemo (poor baby) and daily radiation for seven days. When I get our room number I will post:)

Thanks prayer warriors for your prayers. Pops and I will be heading back down the road tomorrow evening to get ready for the radiation simulation early Wednesday morning. We will be outpatients Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning when he will be admitted. Thanks in advance for the prayers:)

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