Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today we have been singing the praises of our Mighty Lord!!! Today when the oncologist came in for morning rounds she clarified the type of bacterial infection David had. The bacteria was strep pneumonia which frankly is pretty rare and dangerous. The fact that our baby did so well with the antibiotics is truly miraculous. When we were first educated about potentially life threatening infections this one is what they meant. We just know that our Lord protected our boy from serious harm. The doctor gave credit to our vigilance for the reason he did not end up inthe PICU, but Mike and I know whose hand was involved. It also makes sense why he was so sick. Praise you Lord for protecting our baby!

We have said so often that God is here with us. We have felt his presence so strongly with us. Today when the doctor shared with us what could have been this week with this infection, I bawled happy, thankful tears. He is truly our Emmanual-our God is truly with us!!

The plan is that if Rock Star continues to improve then we can go HOME this Monday on IV antibiotics!! Home is my favorite word. This type of infection is so serious that he will need lots of followup antibiotics. We will have to return next Thursday for either a quick port change or to check in again to the hospital for another intense five day chemo regimen. The oncologist this morning said that his white blood cell count will have to dramatically improve to start the five day cycle again on Feb 2nd. So depending on his strength and whte blood cell count, we will return here for a five day regimen again on either Feb 2nd or 9th. Today is week 9 of chemo and today was his lastday of radiation!!!!

Thank you for praying us through this day. Just know that we are singing happy praises to our Jesus who shielded David from a potential catastrophe this week. "Oh how he loves us" just continually is going through my mind today as we give glory to our Lord! I also got a treat today-starting today parents who have children on the floor get a weekly chair massage. It was such heaven to have the knots massaged out of my weary and tense muscles today. God is so good. Smiles from 7 Central!


  1. Oh How He Loves Us!!! I love it and so glad to hear David is doing better. Those infections are nasty and very scary. GOD BLESS YOU MOMMY AND DADDY TOO! From Marion :)

  2. I think of the Casting Crowns song:
    But the gaints calling out my name, and he laughs at me
    Reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed
    The gaint keeps telling me times and time again
    "Boy you'll never win, You'll never win"
    But the voice of truth tells me a differnet story. The voice of truth says "DO NOT BE AFRAID" And the voice of truth says"THIS IS FOR MY GLORY" Out of all the voices calling out to me. David is going to beat this giant!!!

  3. Laura,

    What a wonderful blog. Thank you for it. One of my favorite verses is Phil. 3:10 and the part of it that is so hard is that we know God through the fellowship of his suffering. When I pray that God deepens my love for him, it scares me too death because I know that this will include this type of fellowship but then St. Augustine so adequately reminds me that knowing God is truly what my heart longs for.

    One of my favorite lectures speaks of how Jesus is obviously not simply a good teacher because his beatitudes are contrary to what nearly everyone believes. God truly blesses us with tears, persecution, poverty, etc. Jesus said so.

    May God draw close to you all as he draws closer to me even in your story alone.

    Jamey from St. John's the Evangelist.