Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wild Weekend

Well, this weekend has certainly not been the relaxing and low stress weekend we were hoping for. Rock Star has been really sick with lots of diarehha and some vomiting. Yesterday he was refusing to eat but still drinking, and this morning he would not even drink. He was starting to show major signs of dehydration so this morning we called UVA pediatric oncologists.

After speaking with them, they thought that we needed to be seen in our local ER (shout out to you awesome folks in Smyth County ER-you all have been so kind to us) for fluids. I took David to the ER while Mike took the other two and headed to Kyle's AAU tournament. Blessedly our quick ER was able to get labs done and a bag of IV fluids adminsitered and we were still on time for the game!!

So we are heading to UVA now. Amazingly Mike is too headed to UVA for a conference! Crazy, but we will call the oncologist when we get to Cville so that they can assess whether he needs additional fluids tonight. He has not drank anything else since his IV, so I am betting they are going to want to get him some more fluids. He still has his LAST radiation scheduled for tomorrow.

This weekend has been incredibly stressful to be a home health care nurses to our baby while watching him be so lethargic and sick. The stress level in our home was high, but we were still able to make it to all three of Kyle's AAU games and cheer him on. Parenting is such a balancing act for sure.

We are headed to UVA now and I will update the blog later with the plan. Please pray his appetite and thirst increase or we will be here a few days. I brought a whole suitcase full of clothes preparing for the worst. Thank you to Mountainview Peds and Smyth County ER for helping us through a tough weekend:) I do have an awesome new praise CD to listen to thanks to a sweet blog reader in Salem:)

Off to UVA again:) Thanks for the prayers and love and I will update later. I pray that the update will include that he has not needed additional fluids:)


  1. When we face the inevitable difficulties of life-here-on-earth, God is standing right with us for protection. When we call upon Him in prayer, He will answer-in His own time and according to His own plan and He will heal us. Our continue thoughts and prayers for David and his family.
    Tammy & Charlie Doane

  2. Geee what a sad weekend for you all. I know it must be sooo hard on you all. Cancer doesn't care the age it attacks or who you are. Which angers me. I pray God will comfort you and all the family each night and day. Lean on Him!!!! Days like this are so hard but God will get you through.