Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Update

Our Rock Star is feeling pretty sick tonight. Last night and early this morning he had diarehha and threw up. We are finding that following radiation he is pretty punky and struggles to regain his appetite. We are really worried about his appetite as he is gradually losing weight over the last couple of weeks and he has very little extra weight to lose. Please pray that his energy and appetite return to normal soon. Mike went out to all three drugstores tonight looking for Benecal supplement which we can add to what he does eat to boost his calories. Internet here we come. We are so afraid that he will have lost more weight this Monday and the feeding tube will no longer be optional.

Today we administered our first shot while he was awake. It was really not to traumatic and he handled it well. We used Kyle to help hold and stabilize his feet. To be so skinny the boy is strong!! I also tried to flush his line with Heparine, and lets just say that was not one of our finer moments. The heparine would not push out of the syringe so when I pulled back on it, blood came out of his line. It freaked us out of course, and we visited a local pediatrician's office who graciously and expertly helped us. Thank you Mountainview Pediatrics for being open and willing to come to our rescue!!!!

We are pretty stressed out tonight but we are trying to work together as a team and turn his eating over to the Lord. I look at pictures of David pre-diagnosis and it shocks me how healthy he looked then. He is now so skinny, pale, and bald and it is so hard to see him without energy. Today Ashley and Jason bundled him up and took him to Hungry Mother to throw rocks in the lake:) They said he enjoyed it.

Ashley and Jason hung out with David while the rest of us went to a basetball tournament in Fort Chiswell. I knew David was in good hands with them, but they could not even get him to eat. They offered him everything under the sun and he would not eat. We are guessing that he is nauseous and that is why he has such a food aversion.

We went to cheer on Kyle and his teammates in a basketball tournament today. They did well and won both games. We go back tomorrow afternoon to play in the semi-finals. Basketball is such a fun and great diversion for us both. We love our sweet team and all the families involved.

When we got home tonight we saw that David had received a special autographed hat from former Hokie David Wilson. David loved it and the Graham family gave David a bag of presents so he can open a present a day while in the hospital:) How sweet and thoughtful.

Days like today it seems that David's cancer is this huge and overwhelming thing in our life. Days like today it is so easy to forget that our God is bigger than all of this. We have both been stressed out today with David's care, but blessedly we are a team and we are in this together. We are not alone and our God is bigger than any feeding tube, number on a scale, or even stupid cancer cells. I am going to take a cue from our Rock Star and keep singing:

Our God is Greater
Our God is stronger
God you are higher than any other
Our God is healer
Awesome in power
Our God, Our God

Good night from Camp Robinson!

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  1. Laura'
    If David likes yogurt. Find his favorite mix container of it 1 cup ice cream and 1/4 cup milk. Put in blender and make him a shake very high in calories. Nurse at the va told me to do that for my husband why taking radation. Yogurt is very good also. Hope this helps. Your Blog is so great. I saw where 1 of the ladies said you should make a book of this. I think so also it is such a heart to heart story. the last 1 brought so many tears. Daid truly is a hero God send as a special gift to you all. He is truly a blessing He has brought this same town back to reality. Bless you all