Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Q & A

Clearly I am not doing a good job explaining this because I have gotten lots of questions via Facebook tonight about David's treatment. I love that you all are so worried that he is not strong enough for a double chemo and radiation tomorrow:) The doctors have agreed that he is stable enough to be sedated early tomorrow morning for radiation. This is the last radiation for his lungs, so we want to be done! We love the staff at the cancer center but after 8 radiation sessions for his abdomen and now 8 lung sessions,we are ready to bid them farewell.

After his radiation he will have a little rest and then he will receive Vinchristine chemo here in our room. It is simply a IV push and this is a "lighter" chemo week. He often does not get too sick from Vinchristine only. The blessing is that they can do some painful things such as a GCSF shot and change his port needle while he is sedated. We take advantage of every sedation to get hard stuff done. He has to be sedated for radiation because he, like all children, cannot stay as still as they must for the treatment.

The oncologist tonight clarified the type of bacterial infection he had. It is a huge word that I could never say much less type. Basically the infection came from one of the mouth sores. We think he got the mouth sore from the intense five day chemo we received last week while inpatient. He is due for another five day intense inpatient treatment again onFebruary second. We are not sure if his body will be strong enough to handle that again, but she did reassure me that then dose will be lightened some next time. The doctor feels that his Down Syndrome affected how hard this chemo has hit him because his immune system is already a little more fragile due to the Down Syndrome.

I hope this clears up questions and I think it was so sweet to see several frantic messages about David being too fragile for treatment tomorrow. We love that you all love him and are keeping us all in your prayers. Our Jesus has been so faithful and loving. Good nght from 7 Central!


  1. David,
    We miss you bunches at MPS. We think about you ALL the time and say lots and lots of prayers for you and your family. Even though you are not right here with us you are never far away in our hearts or our t-shirts and buttons. We love you !!!!!(& your family of course!) Can't wait to see you again. Sending you BIG HUGS and KISSES from the MPS staff and students. Love you, Mrs.Walker(Nikki)

  2. Thinking of you all constantly and sending up prayers for David...mommy and daddy! My youngest son attends CES and asks for "Lil David Updates" daily. So many people are still praying for you guys! Praise God David was feeling well enough to go for a wagon ride :) Although they may seem little at the time, I'm sure any small miracles and baby steps are welcomed treasures! Love and prayers....from the Price family.