Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today has been long but wonderful. The room restriction is hard for a social dude like Rock star, but it has given us a lot of sweet Mommy and Dave time. To entertain him today, we have listened to lots of music on Youtube. He loves David Crowder as much as I do so we listened to the song Praise Him over and over. I love the video so much and tomorrow I will put it on here, but the video shows this guy walking through a dirty city and singing praises to God.

That video hit home to me because just like that guy, I am somewhere I do not want to be. Hospitals are not glamorous and do not lend themselves to praise like a beautiful sanctuary would. Today Dave and I were prisoners In or own small room. Looking around I see lots of tubes, wires, a full urinal, and a IV pole. But because the Lord has been so faithful I have to continued to sing His praises. In the middle of the video the guys stops and gets down on his knees in a dirty, busy street and belts out O Praise Him! Dave and I did just that today. We just sang our favorite praise songs and it was so uplifting to me. God knows how much we love him and that we have totally turned this nightmare over to him. He has brought us to such a place where we have to full depend on Him because we alone are not strong enough to handle this nightmare.

Today the doctor talked to us some more about these GCSF shots. Yikes I am totally overwhelmed, but basically this chemo regimen will wipe out David,s white blood cell counts, so he will need daily shots for up to 14 days to return his levels to normal. Have we mentioned that we are educators and not nurses? Tomorrow our nurse is coming to let me practice on her!!! I am totally stressed, but I keep putting my trust in the One who is capable of handling this all.

Thanks to the nightmare:

We have witnessed first hand the presence of God. He has never left us for one moment.

We both realize that silly stuff and material possessions are a joke. Only the prince of peace can bring you utter peace. A clean house or new stuff cannot provide you the peace that passes all understanding.

That family is everything and do not waste a precious moment with your loved ones.

That it isvital to know your Jesus intimately so when you are facing hard times you know how big, mighty, and powerful He is. My new pink sassy bible is looking rough already because I have scoured it looking up bible verses that people have sent us.

Wherever you are and whatever circumstances you are in, keep praising God.


  1. I had that feeling of staying in the hospital too. It was a little gross. We have our neat/clean house we want to be in. But most of all we want David better. I am so glad u can be with him. Greatful you have extra support. U are right silly things on earth are not worth nothing when u have a sick baby. PRAISE GOD HE ALLOWS US TO SEE THAT...

  2. I just wanted to send you the lyrics and a video to a song that has been particularly encouraging to me the past few days.... I wrote a blog post about it tonight. Just scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on the video (it has lyrics included). I thought of you all as I listened, too.