Monday, January 23, 2012

Midnight update

We are finally settled here in a PICU room tonight. What a scary day but here is what we know as of now:

We are in the Great hands of the Ultimate Physician and we are trusting in His plan for our family.

David's blood sugar was low tonight and he was dehydrated. His white blood cell count was extremely low which is to be expected.

We noticed tonight in the ER that he possibly has a mouth sore which would make sense why he has refused to drink. Mouth sores are common during chemo unfortunately.

He has his last radiation session tomorrow so we are going to try to rinse his mouth good while he is asleep to help the mouth sore.

Kyle is in Marion with the Osbornes so he can go to school tomorrow.

GG and hope are at Camp Pendleton tonight but it is nice to have them close.

Mike has to head home tomorrow for a budget meeting.

I am tired tonight but I am just watching our boy sleep. He scared us so much today because he could not stay awake. He would try to wake up, but then he had a hard time keeping his eyes open. He was so pitiful, so we know we are where we need to be. This is so scary but we continue to lean on the everlasting arms of Christ. I have been so scared this weekend between our home health duties and his deteriorating health that I have been desperate for Jesus. His peace is like no other. I am sitting here watching our sick boy sleep, and despite how scared we are, there is Peace. Peace is knowing that we serve a mighty God that will never abandon us or betray us and that He is holding our precious boy in the palm of His hands tonight. Goodnight from the PICU.

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