Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dave Update

Thankfully David is feeling much better this morning. Last night was a rough night for our brave Rock Star with lots of throwing up and dry heaving. This chemo regimen is brutal on our boy. He continues to amaze us with his strength and spunk despite feeling pretty yucky.

Our room is not large at all, but it has a cozy window seat and a great shower. Anyone who has spent any extended time in a hospital knows that the shower can be great or really lousy:) The little things like a cozy window seat and great bathroom make a big difference:)

Yesterday Casey and Angie Blevins came to visit us while they were here in Cville. David was thrilled to see them and he got out of bed and came to snuggle with them in the window seat. They watched lots of Beauty and the Beast videos with him and they were patient and sweet with him. We also had some other sweet visitors who were heading to down the road and stopped in to see us.

Check out David's new shirt from Fly Duds on Etsy! We have quite a collection of VT monogrammed gear to wear here in enemy territory:) We just love this website for cute and monogrammed shirts:)

Before David starting feeling yucky yesterday Mike did some school work with David. Amazingly David gets excited to do school work and his teachers were so great to put together some stuff for us to work on.

We really feel like we are in a snuggle cocoon here in room 7141. The oncology patients get a private room with these new and special hepa filters to ensure good air quality. To make sure these filters work properly, there are THREE doors to get into our room and they all have to be shut in order for the filter to work properly. We really are snuggled together here in this cozy room.

David is scheduled for three more days of this intense chemo. Please pray that he does not continue to get as sick as he did last night. This is a tough regimen for a little skinny guy and we are constantly worried about his weight. His appetite stinks right now which is understandable considering how much chemo he has and will receive, but we are worried about his weight. His doctor mentioned a feeding tube yesterday and we are really trying hard to avoid this.

We learned yesterday that DAvid will need to receive GCSF shots when we come home and the doctor asked us which one of us was comfortable giving them???!!! More on this to come...

We are so excited that Kyle and Hope are on their way here now. Sweet AShley offered to bring them down to us this weekend and we are so appreciative. Enjoy your weekend and we will stay snuggling here in 7 Central! David's daily chemo will happen around lunchtime today, tomorrow , and monday and then thankfully the chemo will be done:) Thanks for your prayers.

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