Friday, January 6, 2012

Clinic News

Wow. What a very long and emotional day we have had here today. Here is the good news:

He rocked his CT scan and great images were obtained.

His blood work and vitals were excellent!

His top of his good kidney looked good on the scan!!

The lung lesions are almost gone!! (Praise the Lord!) That means that his cancer is responding to the chemo that he has received. The doctor was thrilled and frankly she did not expect them to be this gone after just six short weeks:) Whoo hoo! Praise you Lord!!

Here is the concerning news:

Unfortunately the loss of heterozygocity (LOH) was positive. We wanted it to be negative, but that means that now he is at a higher risk category and has to automatically be in the tougher chemo protocol which includes lung radiation and tougher chemo drugs and regimen. This is clearly not what we wanted at all, but the doctor reassured us that she is optimistic that he will still have a good outcome.

Basically the LOH is a genetic marker. It drops his overall survival rate down to 65-75% instead of the 85%. It also means that his cancer is a more aggressive type, but we are still praising the Lord that he is responding to the treatment thus far! Some of the issues he will face in the tougher reigmen are the possibility of heart and lung issues down the road due to the radiation.

Our plan as of now:

We are on our way home to Marion to enjoy a weekend:)

Next Thursday we will return to Cville to be admitted back into the hospital. He will undergo daily chemo and radiation on his lungs per the protocol. We expect 10 straight days of radiation and daily chem0. We expect to be inpatient for two weeks.

Please pray that there are no side effects of radiation. Please pray for our whole family as we are looking at being separated for two straight weeks. We do not look forward to that at all, but we are fighting this Goliath with everything we have.

AFter our consult with the oncolgoist we are sad of course that his LOH was positive. We are so thankful that all the prayers for those lung lesions helped melt away those large lesions from our baby's lungs. We both cried happy tears when she told us that and we both looked up and whispered a thank you to our Lord. He was with us today and he will continue to be walk this journey with us:)

Thanks prayers warriors for your love today:)


  1. I believe that God performs miracles and I will continue to pray daily that if it is the Lord's will that the next scan that even the doctors will be amazed and shocked. Do know that you all have many people praying as I am sure you are aware. Love to you and your family.

  2. Prayers are with you guys. Nothing is too big for our God to handle.

  3. Laura, you and your family are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. God is good, and David is in His capable hands. Even though the news was not all good yesterday, that makes the celebration even greater when good gifts are given. Have courage, continue strong in your faith, and know in your heart that even folks you do not know hold you in their prayers. Glenda Lowe