Monday, January 2, 2012

Scary Day

Today has been one of those days that has reminded us how scary cancer is. Blessedly David has felt pretty good lately with minimal throwing up and just a little fatigue. He has enjoyed his new Christmas toys and he has felt good. Until today.

This morning he woke us up at 6 a.m. and needed to go to the bathroom. When he was pottying he pointed to the area near his good kidney and said "hurt." Of course we both freaked out and we called the oncologist on call at UVA. (yes we have their numbers in our phones). I spoked with the oncologist who asked me a bunch of questions and listened. Really listened. He then asked me what David was doing now. I said that he had curled up on my chest like a newborn and was asleep. He said to go ahead and let him sleep and if he is still complaining when he wakes up to come in for a scan. Blessedly he did not complain when we woke up, but all day he has been lethargic. We even took him to his favorite pizza buffet and he fell asleep during lunch and then threw up/dry heaved in the parking lot. Then as you can see from the above picture he took a three hour nap.

We kept checking for fever while he was asleep. FYI: if he ever has a fever at 101.5 or greater he has to be seen in a hospital within an hour due to risk of infection. Needless to say we have invested in a good thermometer and take it regularly. We are not even able to give him much Tylenol because tylenol can hide a fever. Infection is super scary and needs to be treated immediately. We even brought home some Huber needles so our local ER can access his port-a-cath and administer antibiotic if he ever needs it within an hour. We try not to live in fear, but this is our new normal around here.

Thankfully lots of prayers helped today and he never spiked a fever and since his marathon nap he has felt well. He even asked for some Easy Mac and cheese-one of his new favorite foods.

To encourage some more calories we even baked some home made chocolate chip cookies and he has eaten several. We still do not know what caused the sickness today, but the scan on Friday cannot come soon enough.

We have pulled out some board games tonight and we have enjoyed Hungry Hungry Hippos and Toy Story Yahtzee. He seems much better now, but of course we still worry. Every moment of everyday cancer is in the forefront of our minds. It is so sneaky that way.

We are so anxious about Friday. I dread it but know it must be done. I know that our God is with us and is bigger than any cancer lesions. I also clinging to the verse in Luke that says " The things which are impossible with men are possible with God (Luke 18:27). Sadly we often elevate our problems to be these huge mountains in our lives and we forget that our God, the alpha and omega, is larger than them all. His power and mercy far exceed anything we can believe. He will be there with us and he loves David so much.

Please specifically pray:

That the lung lesions are gone and that we can stay on the "easier" chemo protocol.

That the CT scan goes well without sedation and that they can get great views of his sweet little lungs.

He will also receive his monthly bactrim treatment via nebulizer and mask to ward off pneumonia. It was horrific last month so I am already dreading it for this week. It is very crucial to receive the treatment, but he hates it and it is scary for him. We cannot do give it to him orally because he throws it up.

When I see this list of "must dos" on Friday I start to get panicky. Then I take a cue from our Rock STar and start singing:

Our God is greater

Our God is stronger

God you are higher than any other

Our God is healer

Awesome in power

Our God, Our God

Rock Star has taught us so many life lessons and we are so thankful. We are thankful to our mericful God that has NEVER left us for a moment of this nightmare. We are thankful to the wonderful care that we have and will receive. We are so thankful for you, Rock Star's fan club, that has prayed for us and loved on us. How can we be discouraged or dismayed?

Here is a cute picture of our cookie monsters eating some of our homemade chocoalte chip goodies:)

Good night from Camp Robinson!

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