Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another curve ball

Today David had radiation at the cancer center. After his treatment the radiation oncologist clarified that David is suppose to get 8 treatment, so it appears that we will have to return Sunday evening for his last treatment early Monday morning. Sigh. Not exactly the news that we were hoping for considering the fact that we will have to return on Thursday for weekly chemo. I was so sad to ask for a long term sub for preschool, but considering our grueling radiation and chemo treatments ahead of us, that was the right decision. We are at the mercy of the doctors and treatment protocol to get our sweet boy better.

After radiation and chemo Friday, we will return to Marion for the weekend. I cannot wait to watch my oldest play hoops in an AAU tournament and get some Hope snuggles. Sunday afternoon we will return for his early appointment Monday morning. Blessedly he has had a great day today!

Mike and Popos have switched places so David is so happy his Pops is here. He actually ate a good helping of fries from Five Guys today!! My boy has good taste for sure. Pops will stay with me until Friday because I get nervous driving David alone after a treatment in case he gets sick.

We are so ready to see our home again and have all five of us under one roof! Thank you dear friends for praying us through this long and hard process. We are so thankful for your love, prayers, and encouragement.

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  1. You are such a great mommy!Keep looking to God as I know you will. I pray daily for David and your family. David touches my heart. I am a mom too but I can relate to that horrible C word.Just not with my son.You are a super MOM.:)Give Praises to Our God