Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Welcome 2012! I pray that this year that we as a family deepen our faith in Jesus and that we will look for more opportunities to serve Him each and everyday. He has been so faithful to us, that it is time for us to be bolder witnesses about Him. Because of the Nightmare we saw so intimately how He ministered to us in our deepest grief and we need to share that love and hope with others.

I am just catching up on some cute pictures from this past week. How cute are Kelsey, David, and Hope playing Ipad here?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Tim Tebow's book even though it is a little football heavy for me. His message is so clear and I cannot wait for Mike and Kyle to partner read this. May my children have such large hearts for Jesus and use their gifts to bring glory to His name.

Speaking of large hearts, this is what arrived from a gracious and loving servant of Jesus the other day!! This amazing woman named Peggy in Alabama does not know me or my son personally, but she has read our blog and prayed for us and found these plumcots in her Alabama grocery store and sent these to us along with some homemade goodies. They are a cross between apricots and plums and she thought of us. Can you believe it? May we all have such a gracious heart as Peggy's and look for ways each day to bless others. Wow.

As you can see, these plumcots blessed my boy:) We have seen first hand that the graciousness and goodness of others can be such a blessing. We have been on the receiving end of some gracious love and frankly we have been so encouraged and blessed by thoughtful people. in 2012 I pray to be as giving as you all have been to us.

New Years Eve was a fun evening around here. Jason and Ashley had offered weeks ago to keep our kids while we went out to celebrate our anniversary that happened over Thanksgiving when we were in the hospital. We got to go out to a wonderful local place and have a nice kid-free meal. I know in the upcoming year we will need each other as we continue to battle the Goliath in our life called cancer, so it was such a blessing to spend a few hours together without having to cut up food, take a million trips to the bathroom, and have an uninterrupted conversation. I pray in 2012 I can be a better wife. Mike works amazingly hard in all aspects of his life and I am proud to be his wife.

We came home from our dinner out to find a Kinect party going on in our room! Ashley and Jason connected the Kinect feature of our new Xbox up while we were out and they were getting their Kinect on! It is hilarious to watch! Here is AShley doing hurdles! The only problem is that we are worried that David will be too active doing it and burn too many precious calories:)

Here is Kyle sprinting....

David boxing :) He has really felt very good this weekend. We are so thankful and we are praying hard about the scan this Friday. We know that God will be there with us and that you, our prayer warriors, will be praying hard for us. Thank you.

Welcome 2012 !!! May this be the year that the cancer word is eradicated from our baby's lungs and all those others that continue to fight this Goliath each and everyday.

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