Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day of Rest

Today was snow day #1 here in the mountains of Virginia. I was a little disappointed about the snow because I was eager to go teach some little preschoolers today and I was sad that there was a day that David could go to school but the weather did not cooperate. So I just decided to enjoy the day and let myself rest. I have chanted the bible verse over and over in my head "come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest"

Mike and I are not tired (well we kind of are) because our children bed hop and you never know who is going to end up in who's bed. David's bed is in our room but he often makes his way to our bed and lets just say Hope's bed is not one we have to make in the morning:)

We are both weary with nerves I guess. We are nervous but full of faith that God will meet us in that CT scan room Friday. We are nervous because David was really sick yesterday and threw up a LOT right before bedtime. Cancer is so sneaky and sneaks into every part of your life.

The nightmare just does not allow us to relax. We are always feeling David's forehead for fever, or checking his incision, or on the phone with a doctor and or insurance company. Going to dinner for two hours without kids on New Years Eve was truly a luxury.

I am not whining or even trying to have a pity party, but it just shows that we have to trust in the Lord. This is all so huge and so scary that our anxiety and stress could easily have devored us by now. Instead, our Lord has been so faithful to us and has given us moments of laughter, lots of hugs and smiles, and most importantly rest when we have desperately needed it. He knows what we need.

I am so thankful for our marriage. Heaven knows it is NOT perfect, but we have realized that this thing called cancer in our life is so huge and scary that we must cling to each other and our Jesus. We will not survive without each other and our Savior.

We continue to count down the days until Friday. We know it is going to be a grueling day on David with a CT scan with no sedation, a nebulizer treatment that he hates, and then his chemo. I received a phone call today from one of the oncology nurses clarifying everything for us. One of the things that impresses us about UVA is that the doctors communicate so well. The different teams of doctors really do plan ahead and communicate.

We will go to the clinic (where he gets his weekly chemo) to have his port-a-cath accessed at 8:30. Then we will go to radiology at nine and they will try the CT scan without sedation. Then if that does not work and we do not get good images, then the anesthesia team will come in at 10ish and sedate him. Of course they want good images without sedation so the radiologist can get a view of 100% of his lungs, but they are also realistic that he is a sweet seven year old with Down Syndrome:) His strong will is already a little famous in C'ville:) Then once the images are done then we will hopefully get a little lunch break and then he will have his regular chemo appointment in the clinic around 1. Whew-I am tired thinking about it but I know it all must be done and that our Lord will be there.

We are ready to root on the Hokies here tonight! It is a snowy, cold night here in Virginia and the snow is so beautiful:)

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