Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday morning update

Poor Rock Star. He is certainly not feeling like jamming on his guitar anytime soon. Poor baby has a double whammy going on that is making him THIS sick. First off he has a bacterial infection which would explain the fever and the diarrhea/vomiting. The cultures that they took yesterday grew a bacteria which his broad spectrum antibiotic will treat. Also, he has a mouth sore from the chemo which means that if there is a mouth sore, then there are probably more in his GI system. No wonder this baby is so sick. Please pray for our brave Rock Star. There is a little good news in that the CDiff was negative.

I was blessed and got a full nights sleep at Camp Pendleton. Pops insisted that I get some rest since we had had such a late night the night before. I Went to sleep before 9 last night. We have to pace ourselves because this is truly a marathon. Pops was on night duty with Dave and unfortunately they got very little sleep. Dave had terrible diarrhea overnight from the bacterial infection. I think that they got very little sleep last night. We are so fortunate to have such family help. GG is keeping Hope and Kyle in Marion, and Pops is here with me. Mike is coming back to UVA today. My grandmother is also in Marion helping out. She is Hope's BFF until Dave returns.

Today is a day of rest and healing. No radiation today because he is simply not up to it. Thank you for the prayers and I will update later this afternoon. Peace from 7 central.

Oh I forgot to update on Haley and her family. She is still here waiting on her heart. Three days after Christmas their home burnt down back home. They lost everything. While they sort out the insurance mess, they have basically moved here. Her older brother enrolled in school here and they were living in a hotel. The local news ran their story several times and someone here in cville is loaning them an apartment free of charge. We are right down the hall from them but Dave has been too sick to play.

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  1. Oh How He Loves Us and HE Loves David too. Still praying for you all lots and we are right with you on this nightmare. Love & Prayers to you Momma From Marion