Friday, January 20, 2012


I am so thankful to be in my own home. This last nine day trip to UVA was rough on this Momma. David handled it with the same grace he has handled everything, but not so much for Momma. I was restless and grumpy this trip. The only thing that seemed to calm my nerves was sleeping or working on my Jesus One and Only bible study by Beth Moore.

This trip was not too painful for the Rock Star, but it was grueling on his little 48 pound body. He is worn out tonight and is snuggling with his Kyle and watching Kyle play Xbox. You know he is tired when he is content to watch and not grab for a control to play himself.

I am now a home health nurse by default since we were sent home with Hepron and GCSF shots that I must do. His port was allowed to stay accessed this weekend since we have to return to UVA on Sunday, so since we promised to flush it with Hepron to avoid clotting we got to let it remain in:) Once again let me applaud you medical folk for handling wiggly unhappy children while administering shots:)

Tonight we are just happy to be together. Mike had a dinner tonight to attend, so it is just me and the kiddos. I never thought I would say this, but it feels so good to do laundry, prepare food for my family, and just be a normal Momma.

This week I was certainly homesick and struggling with being away so long again. But it seemed that God knew I needed a pick-me-up and two days this week when we walked into the cancer center there were packages waiting for David. One day he received a cute hokie blanket made by some Orange County girls, and another day we received a big goodie bag of things from Beth Carr Baptist. Those gifts made us smile and they were such a sweet reminder of all the people that are approaching the Throne of Grace on our behalf. This Momma would have gone crazy this week without Jesus and the knowledge that we have prayer warriors lifting us up.

David and I have listened to lots of praise music this week because music does minister to me. There is nothing better than singing praises with your child. Thank you sweet Jesus for this "normal" nothing night together:) Enjoy your weekend and do not take normal family moments for granted! The nightmare has taught us to value every normal, boring family moment because life can certainly change in the blink of an eye. Happy Weekend from Camp Robinson!!!!

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  1. Thank God you all got to come home. I am so glad and prayed and thought about you and David a lot today. I know that has to feel good to be home and feel good to sleep IN YOUR bed and have that peaceful much needed time with your family.PRAISE GOD!GOD BLESS YOU ALL, WE ARE SO BLESSED BY GOD!