Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Life

Today was such an exciting morning around Camp Robinson! We all got up early and got dressed to head to school! Such a blessed "normal" thing to do:) I would much rather scramble for backpacks and have a rushed morning than 6 a.m. blood draws and vital checks like in the hospital. We were all so chipper and excited this morning.

Hope and I headed back to preschool. It was great to get back to something we both love and all my sweet preschoolers had so many tales to tell me. I have not been back as the teacher since 11/17 when the nightmare started, so it was so nice to be back in the saddle and do something I love to do.

Hope really enjoyed seeing her preschool friends. She was devastated and bawled when we dropped David off for school. She loves her best friend so much and it was a heartbreaking drop-off for her:)

Mr. Rock Star was so excited to put on his....

shirt and tie like Daddy!!! He has been asking but frankly we have all worn our pj's and I was too lazy to wash and iron dress shirts to lay around the house:) So today we dressed up for the special occasion of David going to school!!!

He made it a couple of hours before the school called and said that he was exhausted and asking to go home. He and his best friend, Hope, reunited at home and watched Beauty and the Beast on the Ipad:) These two are so sweet together.

While they were watching this little movie, I decided to get brave and read up on Wilm's tumors on the internet. I have yet to do any research on my own. Reading statistics and such on Wilm's overwhelmed me and I stopped right away. It is so easy to fall into the "sky is falling" mentality and really lose faith and perspective. Mike is able to research and kept his perspective but clearly I am not. Reading those statistics paralyzed me with fear and I just started shaking.

As the scan date gets closer and closer I just find myself getting panicky and then I look at that sweet little skinny face of Rock Star and he brings me back to reality. He is such a brave trooper that just keeps singing "Our God is Greater" and he reminds me that just as I LOVE that child our Lord loves me and you even more.

He knows how scared we are and he keeps bringing us His peace. He keeps sustaining us with His lavish love and grace. He continually sends us encouragement when we have felt down and sad. Just as He comforted us in the hospital when the bad news kept coming, he comforts us now as we have watched David's hair fall out in clumps and we have rubbed his back as he has thrown up. We know He knows how hard this is and that knowledge is what makes this road smoother.

We also celebrate little victories like today when the world has felt "normal" again:) Cancer has taught us never to take a moment for granted and put your energy into things that are eternal such as love, hope, and encouragement to others. We continue to covet your prayers for the big CT scan this Friday.

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